A great story. We know, there are many entrepreneurs that love to embellish their beginnings, and there are many businesses whose stories are astonishingly incredible :). This is not our case. For us, it’s been rather simpler. We started with he market and we’re glad we’ve managed to do it our way. No compromises. It’s true, we’ve had to work twice as hard to achieve this.

And we did it and we are still doing it. But now, 10 years after we were established, there’s no longer just 2 of us We are a team now, we are Net Shape.

We started out in 2005 from our passion from technology and to meet a real need of a fully growing market: to deliver professional, integrated, result-oriented services and, after all, without too much cost. We shyly fell in line with the competition then, but in a few years we managed to convince that we were serious and with the quality of our projects.

So, to jump a bit forward, today, 10 years from our establishment, it’s still the 2 of us, but with us we have 38 other colleagues, friends, people who many times make the incredible possible. And, believe us, these are not just big words. We have encountered projects that at start seemed unachievable. Since we hold the idea that “there is no impossible”, we have managed, sometimes with incredible effort, to always deliver extremely good results, even surprisingly good if we were to boast a little.

And since we’re talking about us, besides the fact that we are a very cool bunch, we are also a team of professionals, engineers and technicians with thousands of hours behind us and diverse specialties, and also very curious people, well connected to the latest developments in technology and IT. This helps us a lot, challenges us everyday to make the best decisions for our customers. Customers which we would like to thank for their trust and for their orders

We don’t know whether we’re the best in telecoms (although we believe it), but we can certainly say we are the most dedicated to this phenomenon, a team that keeps shaping itself, people who learn from each other and prove that limits are, more often than not, just goalposts made to challenge us.

We are lovers of tech toys, we fly drones for business but also for fun, we love off-road cars (we have to, sometimes our job takes us to scary terrain), we happily climb wherever needed (some might call us utility climbers, but we are just boys looking for adrenaline).

Joking aside, we really want to get the message through that Net Shape isn’t just professionalism. It also means fun, friendship, curiosity... This is how we’ve been since the beginning, this is how we are today, and this is how we’ll be in 10 years’ time...

  • You need an antenna, let’s have a chat.
  • Your Wi-Fi has stopped working at home? Let us help you.
  • You’re organizing a big event and you want to give Wi-Fi to everyone? We know how to do it!

For us there are no big or small customers, there are only smaller or bigger problems, and the Net Shape team that can solve them. Quickly, with solid and well supported technical solutions, at an extremely fair price.

If you want to chat with us, go here and you’ll find us in person and online

It’s been 10 years. Hard, but beautiful years. To everyone that’s been by our side, thank you.

With friendship,
The two founders
Andy and Octav

Net Shape



Together with Andy, Octav laid the foundation for Netshape. He’s the guy in charge with the financial side, if you need any business advice, he can help. So meet our company’s finance man, the man behind the tables and calculations, who providers magical ideas and technical solutions.



The founder of Netshape, Andy still is the one that makes the new technologies work for us. Outstandingly curious but extremely serious, Andy handles the development of the company on the technical side, and is responsible for providing the best solutions. And this is one thing he is great at, and still does it with the same pleasure.



Catalin has been in the Net Shape team from the very beginning. He has been a climber but also a team leader. Today he is an experienced project manager, a man we rely on.



Niki has also been on our team from the start. He has a vast amount of experience as a telecom technician, and he is in charge of our large projects. And he does a great job.



VDo you want to know where we are and what we are doing? Ask Mihai. He handles job planning, and also checks the steps to make sure everyone is on the right path. He has been with us since 2013.



Radu has been with Net Shape since 2010 and we’re glad that we have him and others don’t. He’s in charge of designing Microwave (MW) links, checks Fiber Optic connection commissioning and tells good jokes. A great colleague!



Because we have grown these last few years, our car fleet has grown more numerous too. This is why now we need someone to responsibly handle all the cars and machines of Net Shape. Florin does that best. He is one of our new colleagues.



Together with Radu, Mircea completes our team of super-engineers. He handles the design of Microwave (MW) links, checks Fiber Optic connection commissioning and is the best listener for Radu’s jokes. Plus he’s a really talented photographer.