wifi pentru hoteluri si pensiuni

Smart Wi-Fi: Dedicated Wireless solutions for Hotels and Guest Houses

When we are talking about Wi-Fi for hotels and guest houses, we are thinking that in the hospitality industry Wi-Fi has been adopted extremely quickly and has become a standard. The problem that faces most of the guest houses and hotels today is the quality of the wireless network. Many times we see reviews of hotels or guest houses that seriously question the Wi-Fi, and it even seems decisive in the decision to come back there or not, no matter how beautiful the place is. And this is exactly where the problem lies, the wireless network that is offered to guests is the service people only talk about when it doesn’t work properly. We will tell you here about the steps you need to follow to give your customers the best Wi-Fi.

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Net Shape

Net Shape, 10 years at a full 10!

We are not ones to brag. But there comes a time when you cannot ignore an important milestone in a company’s life, and in the life of people who chose to have their careers under this name: Net Shape. Yes, it’s been 10 years. We didn’t take the time build a brand, we didn’t have the time or the inclination. This doesn’t mean we weren’t paying attention to what happened to us, to our identity. We were happy to find out that we were in fact a brand, and not a common one, from our customers. People who chose to work with us exactly because “we want to work with Net Shape”. This is our greatest gain now, 10 years after we were established.

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