Network design: Due to increasing competition in the mobile telephony market, services of the highest quality are required, while at the same time reducing operational costs. Gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage is the key to success for a mobile telephony operator.

Radio design and network design are a basic component in ensuring success.

The NetShape network design solution is based on dedicated software that provides the highest degree of radio prediction for the entire network.

The Netshape solution offers:

  • Superior propagation prediction
  • Quick implementation of radio technology for 2, 2.5 and 3G networks
  • Reduced costs for infrastructure implementation by accurate predictions
  • Improving the final consumer’s QoS by attaining the best radio coverage
  • Viable solutions in the field
  • Coverage, interference calculation and service analysis
  • Calculating the coverage area
  • Simulations and comparative measurements
  • Terrain analysis
  • Traffic analysis
  • Spectrum Management
  • Radio budget calculation

The Net Shape network design solution is implemented by the best specialists in radio. We are always connected to the latest developments in the field, our team includes engineers that frequently participate in courses and workshops to keep us up to date with the latest standards and technologies. We are convinced that excellence in network design services can only be attained by better training of the team, by many hours of training, simulations, but also by a high success rate on the projects we are involved in.