24/7 Technical Support for network maintenance

This service includes:

  • 24/7 phone and field support
  • finding the causes for network failures (GSM, UMTS, MW, ISP)

Scheduled preventative maintenance

This service includes:

  • periodic field inspection
  • finding any dysfunctionalities that could generate failures

Network reconfiguration

This service includes:

  • reconfiguring RF stations
  • adding, replacing, uninstalling RF sectors
  • MW reconfiguration:
  • upgrade, link protection, replacement, uninstallation
  • base station reconfiguration (BTS):
  • adding, replacing, uninstalling radio units
  • completing transmission paths, any cut-overs

Net Shape’s network maintenance department has the capability to make the best decisions in the shortest time. We offer all our partners maximum seriousness and quick response. The phone support team for network maintenance is ready to offer you advice and solutions on demand. If a field team is required at the location, we activate our alert teams and are there in the shortest possible time in order to solve the problem.