In the 11 years since we have been operating in the Telecom & Wi-Fi market we have installed over 5,000 radio connections, point-to-point or point-to-multipoint links, and we have a lot of experience that enables us to approach each Wi-Fi Installation project, no matter how complicated, in a professional manner and with viable solutions at decent costs. We love challenges very much, and we carefully manage any type of project.

Net Shape Wi-Fi Installation services are provided according to the legal standards and multiple internal procedures. We follow the documentation step by step for each Wi-Fi installation in which we are involved and this way we deliver the best possible results.

The Net Shape team consists of engineers and technicians specializing in Wi-Fi installation, with good theory training, but also with thousands of hours of practice. We pay attention to anything that involves new technologies, so the Net Shape team often takes part in courses that give us diverse and effective approaches to the projects we are involved in. We are involved in the continuous training of our team and we pride ourselves of the fact that Net Shape is today one of the few companies that can provide Wi-Fi installation services at the highest standards.



In our company we pay particular attention to WSH: this is why we always invest in protective equipment, the vehicles of the Net Shape fleet have proper equipment, our colleagues in the field are all certified as utility climbers, and they can work at heights and have taken first aid courses.

The entire Netshape team takes part in period briefings on work safety and heath.