Achieving a successful Wi-Fi implementation depends largely on the analysis and design capacity of the team that handles the project. The Wi-Fi Design department of Net Shape has in its portfolio a lot of diverse completed projects. We are there for each customer and we manage to offer them a concrete analysis as quickly as possible, as well as a viable project, so that the Wi-Fi coverage is of the best quality.

The Wi-Fi design department of Net Shape has performed analyses and case studies for customers in our company’s portfolio, for the implementation of modern Wi-Fi solutions in a variety of locations: parks, pedestrian centers, Old Town, even parts of cities, etc.

As Wi-Fi designers we are glad for both common projects, let’s say simpler ones, but also for more “exotic” projects, with difficult locations. We treat every one extremely seriously and are involved with all the seriousness and ingenuity (which we have plenty of).

In the images on the right you have a few examples of Wi-Fi designs made by the Net Shape team.

We know, for instance, that from the very beginning every Wi-Fi implementation project required by a customer has the following basic needs:

  • coverage
  • capacity
  • number of concurrent connections
  • what types of applications will be used (will more bandwidth be used for upload or download, etc.)

The software we use in our Wi-Fi design system take all the above into account. Additionally, we consider the walls of the areas where the Wi-Fi equipment is to be located, and even the type of such walls (brick, concrete, plasterboard, elevator shafts, etc.). If we are to develop an outdoor Wi-Fi project, we consider the trees at the location and even their type. We have customers who smile when they hear all that (certainly these are things that others don’t do as well...), but they realize these details are important when they see the project made by Net Shape.

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